July 27, 2016

Junior Level 3

Welcome to our Junior Level 3 page! Athletes placed on our Junior Level 3 team meet the following requirements…

  1. Under the age of 14
  2. Have tumbling skills such as, but not limited too…
    • Bridges
    • Front/Back Walkovers
    • Cartwheels
    • Handstands
    • Dive Forward Rolls
    • Standing Back Hand Springs Series
    • Round Off Back Hand Springs Tucks
    • Round Off Tucks
    • Front Tucks
    • Side Aerials
  3. Have knowledge of all Jumps
  4. Have knowledge and experience with Stunting…
    1. Single Leg Extended Level Stunting
    2. Inversions
    3. Extended Level Stunting
    4. Twisting Dismounts
    5. Baskets

Junior 3 Summer Practice Schedule:

**Sunday 3pm-5pm**

Junior 2 Fall Practice Schedule:

**Sunday 3pm-5pm & Tuesday 7pm-9pm**

Interested in signing up for a Private Evaluation?

  1. Print and fill out our Acknowledgement & Consent Forms
  2. Register for our Open Gyms held every Saturday (unless otherwise stated) from 1pm-2:30pm
  3. Can’t make Open Gym? Call us to set up an evaluation time, or fill out the form below to learn more about pricing, scheduling, and team placement
  4. Please read through our 2016-2017 All-Star Packet  for all the rules and regulations of the More Than Cheer All Star Cheerleading Program.

Have questions, comments, or concerns? OR want to sign up for receive more information? Submit a contact form below! You can also reach us by email at allstars@morethancheer.com or by text/call at 571-210-5323